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Soulshaker Dj charts | Ollie Blackmore

We often get asked what tunes we are playing when we DJ, to make life easier we are including a monthly top 10 chart with a selection of tracks which are at the front of Ollie Blackmore's record box!

Don't forget to check out Ollie's latest mixes which feature many of the tracks in his charts! Visit the audio section here

Ollie Blackmore - Soulshaker Resident House Music Dj

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Ollie Blackmore's Current Top 10 tracks

Ollie Blackmore's current top 10 tracks

Here are the top 10 tracks which are working in Ollie's sets, if you require any further info about these tracks let us know.

  1. Foremost Poets - Besides Myself
  2. Clay Acox - Keep on Dancin
  3. Ron Hall - The way you love me
  4. Blaze - We are one
  5. The Jinks - Inamorata
  6. Arnold Jarvis - Special Kind of Love
  7. Uneaq - Promo
  8. Mr V - Jus Dance
  9. Sold on Sound - Fresh Air
  10. Blvd East - A Journey into

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Ollie Blackmore's All Time Top 10 tracks

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Not just house and dance music, Ollie Blackmore's all-time top 10 chart is eclectic! There's never enough room though!

  1. Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphany
  2. Aretha Franklin - Say a Little Prayer
  3. The Jam - Thats Entertainment
  4. De La Soul - Eye Know
  5. The Boss - James Brown
  6. Beloved - The Sun Rising
  7. Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag
  8. Liquid - Sweet Harmony
  9. Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me
  10. Stone Roses - Fools Gold