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House Music 1990 mixes

I haven't had much time to do new mixes lately (that will change!) so I have ripped nearly all my old mixes. Some of them are mixes from cassette dating back to 1994!

Some of the mixes are not in the style I play now, some of them were mixes for commercial purposes.

May 2002
A mixed bag of tracks, this was used in the early hours on a radio station before the breakfast show started.
Download Here

June 2001
This mix is pretty tough and jackin. It featured on MoS radio and on Music Choice Europe. It gets pretty hard towards the end but I still really like this mix!
Download Here

April 2001
Starts off nice and soulful and gets a little cheesy, no reason for this mix - just had some tunes that needed mixing! Excuse the sound at the end of the file, I only had 1 CD left with this mix and it's pretty old.
Download Here

March 2001
I did this mix for Music Choice Europe which had a number of repeat plays. As you'll hear, it takes many directions to keep things going. The Royksopp remix at the end is still one of my favourite tracks.
Download Here

Feb 2001
Another one of my darker mixes, expect some tough stuff here - all good though!
Download Here

June 2000
Stuffed full of classics!
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March 2000
Another classic mix with some superb funky anthems, before funky turned to the cheese it is today!
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December 1998
This one will throw you, this is when I still had some Trance and Hard House running through my veins! There are still some gems on here though, if nothing more than for nostalgia value.
Download Here

October 1998
Loads of filtered house on here! It makes me cringe a little listening to it, this is a live recording for a mix I did for Flight FM - a pirate radio station. Did I really play a Whitney remix! Oh dear.
Download Here

September 1998
Yet more filtered house - well it was big at the time!
Download Here

November 1997
Another trancy one recorded for Music Choice Europe and a local station.
Download Here

October 1997
A nice breaks and tech mix, toughens up nicely at the end.
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